Warren Mosler on the role of government and the ...

IMMT BITCOIN ANALYSIS Where is price going next? Live with Warren Mosler and the Seven Deadly Innocent Frauds INVESTING MMT BITCOIN TIME TO BUY AND STOCK MARKET CRASH? IMMT Bitcoin CRASH Update Jan 31 2018 Another Perfect Call Investing MMT STOCKS BITCON Update Feb 2 2018

Bitcoin: the end game. I’ve not been making predictions for a long time. Let’s play with Bitcoin! Mail Order Blow. Blockchain technology may end up replacing stock exchanges — brokers running a peer-to-peer permissioned ledger — in a few years but Bitcoin the prototype may only see limited use. Warren Mosler on the role of government and the relationship of currency creation, employment and taxation. ... Common stock as private money requires no debt, much less usury, nor fractional reserves, nor government privileges such as a central bank and deposit insurance. ... Paul Davidson — Bitcoin and MMT; In 2018, Munger described bitcoin as anti-social, stupid and immoral – a position mirrored by his business partner Warren Buffett. This time around, Munger reserved his ire for the current state of Washington, D.C., which according to him, is now run by idiots from both sides of the aisle. As the government embraces MMT, investors and voters had better understand it. By Alan Gula Imagine running a hedge fund and never booking a loss… That’s exactly what Warren Mosler did for 15 years. In 1982, Mosler co-founded the investment... The original form of stock was a credit instrument sold at a discount and redeemable in value provided by the issuer. But for the last 300 years we have suffered an aberration into modern finance capital consisting of its bastard offspring: common stock (shares in a joint stock company); and loan stock (interest-bearing debt) into which it forked,

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IMMT BITCOIN ANALYSIS Where is price going next?

Warren Mosler SEVEN DEADLY INNOCENT FRAUDS OF ECONOMIC POLICY ... Real Macro - FREE Market Update Stocks Bitcoin Gold & Scam Artists - Duration: 33:05. Minethis1 Real Macro Investing 132 views. Warren Mosler, The Euro: past, present and future. ... 1929 Stock Market Crash and the Great Depression ... HEADLINE LEFT FAILS PROGRESSIVES, BITCOIN, DEBT #MMT - Duration: 1:13:02. Warren Mosler joins Real Progressives with Steve Grumbine to discuss the GOP Tax Bill, The Headline #Progressive Left's failure to capitalize on the moment, and the rise of #Cryptocurrency and its ... Learn how to invest with real Macro Economic Understanding. Subscribe to me on Patreon and get more in-depth learning, up to date market coverage, Charting analysis, investing know how and ... Warren Mosler SEVEN DEADLY INNOCENT FRAUDS OF ECONOMIC POLICY ... Stock market sees boost on promises of reopening economy and coronavirus treatment Yahoo Finance 1,399 ... BITCOIN BTC/USD Trading ...